Post Adoption Assessment

In order to complete a thorough assessment and formulation, Janet or Kirsten will welcome families to their comfortable meeting rooms in Market Harborough. The assessment process will involve meeting with the parent/carer, the child, and occasionally both parent and child for some supportive observational sessions.

With all their case work, Kirsten and Janet strive to ensure that any method used is one that is necessary, helpful and something that the client(s) feel comfortable with. As part of the assessment, we use child-centred approaches, which includes ensuring the child feels safe and comfortable throughout.

Kirsten and Janet will select various assessment methods to help them eliminate or confirm a range of hypotheses. Once the assessment is completed, clients will receive a detailed report, which includes a personalised one-page working formulation chart for the child/family. Our detailed and helpful working formulation will inform our therapeutic recommendations.


Please contact us for information about assessment fees. We will be happy to discuss our assessment process and fees in more detail.

Post-adoption assessments can be accessed through Adoption Support Funding.

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